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My Food Philosophy

"Always do your best. Choose foods that honour both your unique body, and the environment."

Always do your best.

This line is first, and is also an important part of my Rules To Live By, because this statement underscores every decision I make. I have many memories of my dear Mama calling to me as I left for school, “be your best self”, “learn all you can” or even scolding me “you know better, so you should do better”. I thank her for the wonderful message woven throughout my life.
I firmly believe that we will be happier and more fulfilled if we offer the universe our very best at any moment. That being said, what we can offer as our best changes depending on a myriad of factors.
Bringing it back to food, right after my daughter was born sometimes my best was supermarket organic, while other times in my life I enjoyed trips to the farmer’s market, or the surprise of my farm co-op box coming to my front door.
We must be honest and kind to ourselves, and then make the best decision possible. Your best is always enough.

Choose foods that honour your unique body.

I am a logical and science-minded person. I know that every human being is bio-chemically individual; and to take it even further, at different points in a person’s life, they are bio-chemically different. When choosing foods, we’re better off to always listen to what our body is telling us.
Using plant-based, whole foods as the base of any diet is paramount. I believe (based on science) that a gluten-free diet benefits humans; and I believe that refined sugar is unnecessary, and natural sugars should be limited. However, we should adjust out from there.
I have eaten in a vegetarian way, and felt fantastic while balancing my hormones; I have eaten in a paleo fashion, and thrived; I have undertaken an elimination diet, and learned amazing things about my body and my daughter.
In short, many elements influence our nutritional needs. We are blessed to live in a place and time where we have the resources to decide what we put in our bodies. I think as a culture we should be less concerned with the label we may put on our diet, and ourselves, and more concerned with the benefits our diet offers our body.

Honour the environment.

We are so intricately connected to the earth. It is crucial to ensure that we are treating the earth the way we would like to be treated.
We can do this by purchasing local and organic produce, choosing humanely raised meats and eggs, reducing our water consumption, taking advantage of reusable products whenever possible, and generally being mindful of our impact on the world.
What we do to the earth, we do to ourselves – in the end we will be healthier if our world is healthier.