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I’m Veronica – Mama, Holistic Nutritionist, Culinary Nutrition Expert, and overall student of life.

I love writing and educating others about nutrition for the whole family, natural childbirth, and breastfeeding, among other things. Thank you for joining me.

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During the month of March, at Healthoholics, we’re discussing Spring Cleaning – in all its forms! And, when we began brainstorming as a team what topics we would cover, relating to Spring Cleaning, all eyes were on me as soon as clearing away clutter was mentioned. “Why?”, you might be wondering. Well, because I haven’t

Trigger warning: pregnancy loss, mental health challenges After giving birth, a woman is changed, and comes up against immense challenges – physically, mentally, and emotionally. Many of these challenges – in addition to the lack of support that came with the popularization of the “nuclear family”, and the remaining taboo surrounding mental health disorders – can

Trigger Warning: Pregnancy Loss This month, The Holistic Parent Magazine, focussed their issue on Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness. Unfortunately, this is still a taboo topic that is deeply uncomfortable for many of us to discuss. I was inspired by the magazine editor to get really vulnerable and share my story of pregnancy loss. Here it is…

Parenting is complicated these days, isn’t it? Everyone has an opinion about everything, including breastfeeding. For me, I was committed to breastfeeding successfully for at least two years, even before I was pregnant, and the science told me that was best for baby. If you’re committed to breastfeeding for any length of time, this post

Who doesn’t like chocolate? This here is one more chocolatey recipe for my arsenal, and yours! It’s important when using cacao products to look for fair trade, preferably organic products. We also tend to avoid cane sugar in our family, so when I’m buying chocolate bars or chocolate chips I look for products sweetened with