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Holistic Weight Loss Program

Before I did what I do now, I had a one-on-one Nutrition practice for many years. I was asked constantly if I “did” weight loss. My answer was always some round-about way of saying “no”; some version of, “I focus on rebalancing your nutrition, and including lifestyle habits that will support your overall wellness. Weight loss isn’t my goal in helping my clients, but it can be a happy side-effect”.
Who wants to hear that? What does all that even mean?
Of course good nutrition, reduced stress, balanced hormones, and right living CAN and DO result in weight loss.
I’ve now realized that my long drawn out answers probably stopped many people from getting the help they needed, or at the very least, drove them to look elsewhere.
We launched the first 10-week Holistic Weight Loss Program in our clinic in the winter of 2016, and have continued to improve each round since!
In 2013, when Healthoholics expanded to include additional practitioners of differing backgrounds, I (as a perpetual student) had a wonderful time learning from each of their unique skills.
By 2015, Healthoholics was awarded the title of “Number 1 Weight Loss Clinic in Kitchener”… but we didn’t do weight loss! It was at this time that I sat down with all the staff and practitioners, and we brainstormed the best way to offer our distinctive services to those whose main goal was weight loss. All of us agreed that we couldn’t compromise on our standards, but that there were people out there who needed, wanted, and appreciated our help.
What we came up with, as a group of doctors, nutritionists, counsellors and therapists is truly exceptional – if I do say so myself.
We’ve seen our participants have amazing, and sustainable, weight loss. But, it’s not just about the weight loss. Our participants have improved arthritis, reduced blood pressure medications, worked through devastating family losses, and learned more about their health than they anticipated.
It’s our goal to provide the education and tools so you can manage your health in the long term.
If any of the above interests you, you can check out the full program details.
I also offer free 15-minute Weight Loss Consultations to discuss the program, and help determine if it’s right for you. If you’d like to book a free 15-minute Consultation, please send me a note. I’d love to chat with you about this incredible program!
(Please note: at this time, the program is offered in-person in Kitchener. To participate you need the ability to be in Kitchener at least once per week.)